Monday’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


Monday is here to equip you with gifts for everyone on your list—delicious holiday treats for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. In fact, some of our top picks for 2022 are so delectable, non-drinkers may prefer to skip the spiked eggnog for a swig of what you bring to the party. We’re happy to be back again this year with some of our favorite products and gift ideas for the 2022 holiday season. 

We’d be lying if we didn’t start the list with our favorite anytime special – The Monday Trio – a tasty trifecta of Gin, Mezcal, and Whiskey to warm up any holiday party. 

But since it’s the holidays, we’re going to share the love and spotlight some of our other favorite sober companies as well. 

Curious Botanicals

We’re big fans of glamming up your glass; making your cocktail stand out as the best dressed in the room. Curious Botanicals offers decadently dehydrated limes, lemons, oranges, and even pineapples to take your garnish game to the next level. To absolutely skyrocket the real-estate value of any bar, check out Curious Botanicals’ Infusion Flasks, pre-packed with gorgeous fruits, teas, flowers, and herbs. Just tour any spirit into the flash for a flavor experience that’s as remarkable as it looks. 


You can’t have the best cocktail without the best mixer. This is why Fever-Tree operates under the simple notion that when ¾ of your cocktail is the mixer, there’s no room for artificial flavorings or sweeteners. Their selection of unique and delicious flavors makes mixology easy and fun. We love the “Distillers Cola” with Monday Whiskey and their “Elderflower Tonic Water” with Monday Gin, but take a peek for yourself—you could really have a field day with these flavor choices. 

Trail Toddy

Like many classics, the origin of a hot toddy is a little difficult to pinpoint. Some believe it originates from 1610s British-controlled India. Others that the drink was originally an 18th-century medicine prescribed by Scottish doctors. No matter the genesis, a hot toddy is a holiday staple. This warm, simple, and soothing creation can be used to ease symptoms of the common cold or—if you’re like the Trail Toddy team—as the perfect ending to a day spent on the trail.

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Sweet Reason

The holiday season can get a little hectic and Sweet Reasons, the self-proclaimed “Curators of Calm” are here to relieve the season’s stress. Their CBD-infused sparkling beverages are not only mouthwateringly tasty, but are powerfully packed with a combination of calming herbs, adaptogens, and up to 30mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD to help you unwind anytime. 

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Bring the Brews

Not everyone wants a fruity, herby carefully-crafted cocktail this holiday season. Some of us just want a cold beer around a warm fire. This is why we love a non-alcoholic beer party pack. Order ahead of time to have non-alcoholic options at your holiday gathering or have them delivered to your favorite non-drinker so they can enjoy a 

brewski or two and think of you!

Throw a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Party!

Developed by two registered dietitians, the recipes in Mocktail Party feature nutritious, all-natural ingredients with minimal sugar that you can find at any grocery store. This title also includes valuable information about the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle–keep it up you’re doing great!--tips for sustainable mixology and advice for ordering non-alcoholic cocktails at a restaurant or bar. 

Elevated Craft

Elevated Craft’s hybrid cocktail shaker is definitely designed to impress. Which is why 150,000+ cocktail enthusiasts swear by it. No mess. No fuss. Elevated Craft designs products that empower you to create unforgettable experiences with skill and careful attention to detail. 

Hella Cocktail Co. 

There’s nothing bitter-sweet about the effervescent experience of pure glee when sipping one of Hella’s Bitters and Soda. Their sophisticated balance of aromatic bitters, fresh fruits, and spices make this elixir just as good to mix in a cocktail as to savor as a stand-alone aperitif. 

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Caroline Turner Cole is a storyteller based in Dallas, TX. A yogi, voice-over artist, writer, and creative business coach, she’s been skipping the booze for about 18 months and isn’t planning on changing that any time soon. Follow along on IG @carolinecolestories or YouTube